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Wynnum State School is a learning community. The main purpose is to improve learning for all students. This is achieved through high academic standards, engaging students in intellectually challenging tasks and productive pedagogies for these standards to be attained. These standards are evidenced through student demonstrations of sustainable learning and the transfer of his/her learning to other contexts. 

The overarching curriculum goal is to develop children’s intelligences – knowledge, skills, capabilities and values – for becoming intelligent, healthy, informed, creative, democratic and eco-citizens. Art L Costa’s Habits of Mind is the school’s vehicle to support the growth of intelligences.  

Teachers use the Australian Curriculum and year level Essential Learnings, Scope and Sequence and Literacy and Numeracy standard targets and Habits of Mind to design learning programs. An inquiry approach to learning empowers the learning and teaching process and is based on higher order thinking.  

The school’s curriculum framework: 

  1. articulates a curriculum to maximise the capacity of all students to achieve the Australian Curriculum, Essential Learnings and Standards; 

  2. monitors and assesses individual student achievement and evaluates it against statewide and national standards, regularly using collaborative processes to support teachers in making consistent judgments; 

  3. includes statewide assessment tasks and nationally prescribed assessments; 

  4. involves regularly reporting relevant information to parents on achievement and learning. 

The key learning areas as outlined by the Education Department and Australian Framework are English, Mathematics, Science, History, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, Technology and Languages other than English (LOTE). LOTE (French) is offered in years four, five, six and seven. The Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science and History is implemented by accessing the Education Queensland Curriculum to Classroom Framework (C2C’s).