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Community partnerships

Bayside Awareness and Safety Education Group

Bayside Awareness and Safety Education Group (BASE) was formed in 2014 following the demise of the Safety House program, to continue to educate our school community and in particular our students, about ways of staying safe at home, at school and while out in the community.

BASE does this by:

  • visiting classrooms once a year to educate our students about the importance of being aware of their personal safety
  • encouraging students to know who they can access for help by using the safety hand
  • letting students know that it’s okay to say no to someone if they feel unsafe. One of our mottos is, "One no, don’t go". This refers to: 
    1. Do I feel safe?
    2. Does Mum or Dad know where I am? 
    3. Can I get help if I need it?
  • highlighting safety awareness when walking to and from school and ensuring students know where they can go to for help if needed
  • encouraging students to tell an adult whenever they feel threatened or frightened, whether at school, at home, online or out and about
  • talking to older students about internet safety, the use of mobile phones and being home alone.


Code Word - this is a word that only you and your child know. If someone different comes to collect your child and that person doesn't know the "Code Word", students are told not to go with that person, even if it is someone they know.

We tell students to trust their instincts. If it doesn’t feel right - get out.

Our committee members are:

  • Charles Dunbar - subcommittee Chair
  • Glenda Jansen - subcommittee Secretary
  • Wendy Lakeman - subcommittee Education Officer


For more information, please contact us.