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Principal's welcome

It is a great honour to be the inaugural principal of Wynnum State School.  Through the amalgamation and conception phases it was identified that this new educational setting should become a close knit Bayside village community school.  Its distinguishing features were that of valuing each and every child; caring for one another; recognising everyone’s unique skills, talents and roles; learning, teaching and working together to help students learn and grow, and using resources responsibly and wisely.  This ongoing journey is student centred in design and future focused in its creation. 
The overarching goal at Wynnum State School is to develop children’s intelligences – knowledge, skills, capabilities and values – to become intelligent, healthy, informed, creative, democratic eco citizens. 
The journey and the future pathway have been so designed to enable these intelligences and to create a community of citizens, with learning as their main game.  Learning is the culture.  However school culture is created through ongoing process in which values, attitudes, skills and behaviours continually reinforce each other.  The Habits of Mind (Arthur L Costa) have become a framework in which values, skills and attitudes can be aspired to and achieved.  In high performing schools, a nurturing professional community seems to be the ‘container’ that holds the culture.  This refers not only to the staff but also parents, students and wider community.  Staff members at Wynnum State School are invigorated, challenged, professional, engaged and empowered.  The learning environment is one of enduring change and evolution.  Within this environment, the curriculum, teaching and learning focus is of high expectations including that every individual can be a keen learner and has a positive role to play in achieving the shared vision of the school community – to Believe, Achieve and Succeed.

Welcome parents, students and community members to Wynnum State School, our place of learning.  Knowing that it is the people that create and make a place, this website provides an insight into our place - a place for citizens of today and tomorrow. 

“It Takes An Entire Village to Raise a Child!”


Glenyce Hadfield